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Wind Peaks
Wind Peaks

Wind Peaks is a Where’s Wally type of game with visuals and story inspired by the animated series Hilda and Gravity Falls.


Wind Peaks tells the story of five scouts that find a treasure map, which leads them to an adventure into a magical part of the forest. The game takes place in Wind Peaks preserve, it’s woods are filled with magical and mysterious elements, it’s scenery full of details invites you to explore and find the missing objects at a slow and relaxing pace. The story is divided into 10 episodes, each one of them is about a hurdle faced by the scouts that can only be overcomed by finding all the lost items. At the end of each episode a short cutscene will be played.

Game Play

Wind Peaks has a simple and intuitive gameplay, similar to other hidden-object games. Move around by dragging the mouse while keeping the right button pressed, zoom in or out using the scroll wheel and interact with the scene and its objects using the left mouse button. There are several interactive elements and puzzles that can hide the lost objects.


  • A game on which Where’s Wally meet with Hilda and Gravity Falls
  • Release date on july 29 of 2020
  • Target platform Windows (Steam)
  • No death / violence
  • No hyper-realism / last-gen graphics
  • No procedural worlds
  • Unique visual style
  • Cute casual gameplay
  • An original story about nature
  • Fun and peaceful interactions

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