Tricky Towers Tricky Towers Review

Review by Ms. Toaster

Tricky Towers is a remake of Tetris, but harder with physics that can make the tower tilt and fall and even powerups, both offensive and supportive. It’s very similar to the game 99 bricks.


From the little time I’ve experienced on multiplayer, you accidentally get matched with people much higher level than you… Usually, it feels like level matters but it might be since not many play it which leads to you getting a match up fairly quickly.
Tricky tower is easier with a controller than a keyboard however you can still get very good with a keyboard. It’s just slightly harder in my opinion. I also had to switch the nudge buttons (Default: U/I) and the sending attacks/supportive abilities (Default: J/K) because I kept attacking instead of nudging.
The fun with this game IS the difficulty. You have to be strategic and plan where to put every block to keep your tower straight while training quick thinking. You also need to make sure to be wary of the attacks as they can easily be distracting or outright destructive. There’s an attack that enlarges the enemy player’s piece to a huge piece, or that turns part of their tower to slippery ice.

I can’t comment much on the learning curve of tricky towers, however, the single-player levels help out a LOT when training as they all are varied difficulties of the 3 game modes. The “endless” mode is also great for training your skills. Especially after the tutorials. If you just start on an online game/multiplayer game, the loading screen shows an easy tutorial on the current game mode. This means you have plenty of chances to learn what the 3 game modes do as they vary in skillet. (Survival, puzzle, and race).
This game can run well on any pc, it is really light as it’s a 400MB game with 3 game modes but it won’t leave you bored for a long time, especially if you play it with other people! Although the max player amount per matchmaking is 3 players.


The art style and animation give this game such a cute atmosphere, it actually fits with the stressful experience being another deceitful game. Knowing incoming attacks is really easy to see because once someone sends one, you will see a spell cast animation, lift the block up and see what the effect of it is by looking at the block or seeing something like a balloon spawn.
The hardest to figure out is physics. For the most part, they seem consistent but I’ve had multiple games where the physics are a bit wonky and either completely destroy it for you or gives someone a surprising win.

This game works well for individuals with color blindness as the colors of the shapes aren’t important like in regular Tetris, all blocks have the same color, you just need to identify the shape fast enough.


Just like its art style, the music is really adorable! The wizards even make cute little noises as you play or make an attack. It really makes the game fit so well together. It’s also fun when you get a piano and it just makes a piano noise when you drop it down and every time you drop something on it. Despite it being so energetic, the music doesn’t distract me, although it will make you feel a bit more stressed. The best skill set for this game is the ability to stay calm, however, don’t mute the music just because of that. The game actually feels kind of empty if you do mute it as it really enhances the gameplay and can give you a lot of audio queues like attacks.


Tricky Towers is a really fun game for people who like Tetris and want a challenge. It has good aesthetics that work for anyone, younger or older, and is very very addictive. You will want to improve and play more, however, the lack of more gameplay makes it a bit tiring after a bit. Don’t get it for the full price as it’s not worth 15$ in my opinion.

Review by Ms. Toaster

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  • Very light game, runs smoothly!
  • Very fun party game with friends!
  • You see a tutorial on the current game mode every time you get a match (can be skipped)
  • Can still be fun even if you don’t like Tetris! Ex. My boyfriend doesn’t like Tetris but likes tricky towers. It’s a different experience.
  • Very addictive & replayable game.


  • Random matchmaking, level don’t really matter due to low player base
  • Only 3 game modes which feel like mini-games
  • Max 3 players in each game.
  • Partially inconsistent physics, often works well but can be frustrating sometimes.
  • No reporting tool for cheaters.


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