The Third Day

The Third Day

The Third Day
The Third Day

The story of The Third Day places us 3 days after the death of Jesus when this rises and embarks us on an adventure in search of God, where our protagonist will try to discover the reasons why his father let him die on the cross.

The game invites us to tour the Judea region passing through the most emblematic locations of the place such as Bethlehem, Nazareth or Jerusalem. To advance the story we will have to face multiple ingenuity puzzles combining objects or using miracles such as turning water into wine or walk on water. Each location is populated by charismatic characters and numerous dialogues full of humor with which we will reveal the ins and outs of the plot and obtaining clues to advance on our way.


  • Ascend the Golgotha on the back of your mount
  • Turn water into wine and use another miracle
  • Travel the region of Judea
  • Infiltration mini-games, puzzles
  • An adventure game like the ones from the old days
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