The Murder Mystery Machine

The Murder Mystery Machine

The Murder Mystery Machine
The Murder Mystery Machine

A new kind of detective game that brings classic point-and-click gameplay to piece together evidence and deduce the story of the crime. Do you have what it takes to be a true detective?

Fresh-faced rookie, Cassandra Clarke, is teamed with a reluctant burnt-out detective, Nate Huston, to investigate the murder of a prominent politician. While all evidence points to a botched robbery, something more sinister is evolving in the corridors of power that send both detectives on a collision course that could end both their careers.

Murder Mystery Machine is an immersive interactive detective game that will challenge your deductive abilities through unique mind-map puzzles.

Game features :

  • A plot written by mastersMurder Mystery Machine’s story was written by professional film & TV writers to ensure that it delivers a compelling experience from start to finish.
  • Engaging deduction mechanics – Deduce, solve, accuse. Every piece of evidence you collect will be added to your detective workspace. A dedicated place where you’ll have to use your deduction skills to recreate your own version of events as you connect a complex web of suspects, motives, and clues to unveil the truth.
  • Detailed & varied environments to explore – Dive into crime scenes you can rotate, zoom in and explore, each presented as a beautiful diorama.
  • A modern noir art style – Enter a modern noir stylish world! The dark scenes are lit with a neon glow and the atmospheric staging enhances the game’s wider sense of mystery.
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