The Endless Wyrd

The Endless Wyrd

The Endless Wyrd
The Endless Wyrd

In this dice-based, deck-building, roguelite adventure, scavenge the Wyrd and escape the approaching Thing of the Dark. Load your dice with powerful augments to create your own synergies and combos and stack the odds in your favour. In the rabbit hole of the Wyrd, the only way back up, is down.


What would happen if you combine a bunch of abilities in a specific way, how stupidly overpowered can you make those synergies? That's how The Endless Wyrd came to be ... a quest to make abilities so ridiculous that you can break the game.


  • The quest for that stupidly overpowered combo
  • Unit synergies: Units gain new abilities and interactions when certain types of units are present.
  • Player-Unit synergies: The player can interact with certain units to get beneficial effects that affect combat, e.g. killing a specific unit causes damage to those around it.
  • Item synergies: Build up your deck with powerful items, that synergise well together.
  • Elemental synergies: Elemental effects can synergise e.g. Bleed damage is reduced by Cold and Disease can spread to Cold or Bleeding units.
  • Interactives: Interact with the environment for new gameplay.
  • Complex Boss mechanics: It’s like encountering a mini raid boss.
  • Movement mechanics: Your character isn’t stuck in one place, which enables you to dodge certain attacks and most items have positional requirements.
  • Dice and dice loading: With powerful augments, you can stack the odds in your favour and minimise the RNG.
  • Upgrade items your way: Upgrade your items in any way that suits your style and deck.
  • Manage your Scent: Strategically progress through the map, Darkness is right behind you.
  • Enemies scale as you progress: Enemies gain new abilities and become stronger depending on what level you encounter them.
  • Use Sanity: Madness is a double edged sword.
  • Multiple abilities on single die.
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