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We are reworking the third-person animations. This was done to portray the soldiers to their appropriate movement. We are trying to recreate the authenticity of SWAT units by their gestures and motion. Before, if you were in a prone position, and when there was no space left, the character would stand up. Now, with the next update instead of standing up, the character will rotate his body as the i...[Read More]

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Experience an online gameplay where the Special forces tries to take control of the terrorist invaders with co-operative and tactical precision. But the terrorists aren’t the only team who came prepared. Watch till the end for the release date. Steam Store:

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Zero Hour

A tactical FPS with online team-based action gameplay that takes place in a variety of locations in Bangladesh with Real-life scale & resource management. Inspired by various other tactical shooter games, Zero Hours tries to bring a very grounded Team vs Team experience. The defenders are tasked to protect the bomb from being defused and keep their hostage from being rescued and running away. ...[Read More]