Xsolla expands mobile and digital distribution solutions offerings and adds an NFT checkout to the growing set of tools and services and developers

Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, announced today that it has expanded their mobile and digital distribution solutions to provide more opportunities for developers to launch and grow their games around the world. In addition, Xsolla has added a new checkout feature to help developers scale their brands by selling and distributing NFTs.  “Xsolla is committed to providing best-in-cl...[Read More]

Xsolla expands into India with Paytm Payment Gateway to help developers sell games to the India Market

Payments Integration with Paytm Digital Wallet, UPI, RuPay, Online Banking Services Easily Monetize Games  Xsolla, the video game business engine that helps developers and publishers launch and operate games globally, today announced it teamed up with Paytm Payment Gateway, India’s leading payments solutions provider, to bring gaming payments solutions to India.  Xsolla integrated Paytm’...[Read More]


Xsolla, the world’s leading video game commerce company, continues opening doors to more revenue opportunities for mobile game developers. Based on recent changes to Apple’s rules for the App Store,  developers are now able to gather player contact information and use that information to contact those players to process payments outside of in-app purchases. Xsolla Web Shop is preci...[Read More]