Vs Chat Pack

Vs Chat Pack – the world’s first game pack for Twitch streamers is out now!

The world’s first game pack for Twitch is now available on Steam! Twitch streamers can now play directly with their viewers via Vs Chat Pack! Four innovative games created by the Danish developer KevDK Games have just been released on Steam! Vs Chat Pack is the world’s first game pack that allows Twitch streamers to play with their audiences via chat interactions. Viewers can type in various comma...[Read More]

Vs Chat Pack – the ultimate game pack for every Twitch fan is out in October!

The world’s first game pack specifically designed for Twitch streamers and their audiences will be released on October 13th! Wouldn’t it be fun to put some obstacles or send zombies to the game that your favourite streamer is playing on Twitch? Or be on the other end and live your gameplay experience together with your viewers in real time? KevDK Games have thought it through and created the first...[Read More]