Two Point Hospital

The Superbug Initiative: A new, free update for Two Point Hospital [PEGI UK]

Announcing The Superbug Initiative: Two Point Hospital’s latest free update! Read on for details of how to play the beta right away… In this new mode, you may collaborate with your friends, and with others across the globe, to complete challenges and unlock whole new in-game rewards. Be sure to check out our Steam Announcement on the Two Point Hospital community hub for more informatio...[Read More]

Two Point Hospital – Coming to Console – Trailer

Two Point Hospital is coming to console! Not only that, it’ll include two great expansions – Bigfoot and Pebberley Island – and will also benefit from loads of free updates released for the PC version since launch. Blimey. We’ve also designed an intuitive, quick and precise control scheme from the ground up that’ll make building your hospitals more satisfying than ever. Ooh, get us! Two Point Hosp...[Read More]

Two Point Hospital – The Trials of Trevor Trailer – Pre-order now! (ESRB)

Two Point Hospital will be out August 30th, and you can pre-order right now for a 10% earlybird discount. Check it out –… In this trailer, we catch up with Two Point County’s sickest resident, Trevor, to see what he’s been up to since we last saw him suffering from Lightheadedness. It’s not good news for Trevor, as this time he’s taken a full whack...[Read More]

Two Point Hospital

Design stunning hospitals, cure peculiar illnesses and manage troublesome staff as you spread your budding healthcare organisation across Two Point County. Design Your Hospital Build and customise your hospital - it is yours after all - with specialist diagnosis and treatment facilities, as well as the very latest in ornamental technology! Cure Your Patients Feeling light-headed? Just ...[Read More]