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It’s payback time, Trepang2 style! Make a glorious mess, courtesy of our friends at Trepang Studios in 2022. Wishlist on Steam: Trepang2 on Steam (

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Trepang2 is a thrilling and graphical First-Person Shooter. Dodge bullets, sneak in the shadows, punch, kick and slide while unleashing your deadly gun skills on the bad guys who took everything from you… EXPLOSIVE SINGLE-PLAYER STORY CAMPAIGN A mysterious group breaks you out from a heavily guarded blacksite. Your memories are gone but your combat abilities enhanced far beyond human limits. Fig...[Read More]


Team17 and Trepang Studios have announced fast-paced, supernatural first-person shooter, Trepang2. Currently in development for Steam for PC and scheduled for launch in 2022, Trepang2 follows an enhanced soldier newly broken out from a heavily-guarded blacksite on a mission of revenge… and hunted by an even greater threat. Found to have lost all memory of their past life, but imbued with superior ...[Read More]