Through the Darkest of Times

Award-winning game “Through The Darkest Of Times” now as boxed version

The award-winning historical resistance strategy game Through The Darkest Of Times is coming to retail. It will be available for PC with an SRP of EUR/USD 19,99.

Through the Darkest of Times // Console Release Trailer

You are the leader of a small resistance group in 1933’s Berlin, of ordinary people, from Jews to Catholics and Communists to Patriots who simply can’t stand aside. Your goal is to deal with small blows to the regime – dropping leaflets to spread awareness about what the Nazis are really up to among the people, painting messages on walls, sabotaging, gathering information, and recruiting more foll...[Read More]

It’s 1933, what would you do?

Through the Darkest of Times creates a sombre mood. You’ll find out more and more about the cruelty, happening around your group.

Through The Darkest of Times // Release Cinematic English

#HandyGames #TTDOT #HistoricalResistance One unforgettable announcement on January 30th, 1933, exactly 87 years ago today, ushered in what turned out to be one of the darkest times in human history: “Hitler is Chancellor!” Take a stand against the Nazi regime and lead a civilian resistance group Through the Darkest of Times. Through the Darkest of Times is a historical resistance strat...[Read More]

Through The Darkest Of Times // Official Cinematic Trailer

The years between January 1933 and May 1945 were the darkest period in history for the people of Germany, of Europe maybe for all of mankind. With the rise of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist party, a regime of fear and terror gained power in Germany. Quickly, they started to harass, imprison and even m*rder anyone who stood against them or to gave minorities that did not fit into their dis...[Read More]

Through the Darkest of Times

Through the Darkest of Times is a strategy game, that lets you play a resistance group in Third Reich Berlin. The game covers the entire time from Hitler’s seizure of power 1933 to Germany’s unconditional surrender 1945. You plan actions of your group while at the same time try to balance the morale of your members, get resources needed for the actions and avoid getting caught by the Gestapo. Big ...[Read More]

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