The Waylanders

Thirsty? Romance Comes to the Waylanders in This Hot, Hot, HOT and Heavy Update

Romance has come to The Waylanders! The RPG community has demanded their favorite characters be DTF (Down to… Formation?) and with this update, players can now choose to pursue one of ten different romances with ten of the characters who appear through the game. 

Things Are About to Get Medieval. The Waylanders Launches This November!

Gato Salvaje Studio is excited to announce the release date of their upcoming party-based RPG, The Waylanders. Currently in Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development, The Waylanders is set to release in English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Galician November 16, 2021 on both Steam and GOG. To celebrate the release date news, Gato Salvaje has set a 20% discount on...[Read More]

Gato Salvaje Studio Adds Seven New Languages to The Waylanders in Latest Early Access Update

Press release Gato Salvaje Studio has released the third of their planned winter Early Access updates today adding localization for Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Galician to their Celtic RPG, The Waylanders. Hot on the heels of their latest trailer giving a sneak peek at a new Medieval location that can be visited when The Waylanders launche...[Read More]

Part the Mists of Time for a Sneak Peek at The Waylanders Medieval Compostella Location

In advance of a major localization update coming next week, The Waylanders team has released a new trailer showing off the new location Compostella

Act One of The Waylanders Comes to a Close in New Early Access update + New Winter Roadmap

Press release Gato Salvaje Studio has released an Early Access update to The Waylanders, containing two new quests, The Corrupted Coven and The Agate Eye, which take players deep into the caves of the Underworld to finish the events of Act 1. The Seer Nazhedja has asked the party to join her in a search for traces of her sisters, but terrible powers are unleashed when a group a...[Read More]

The Waylanders New Companions, Quests, and More

Press release Gato Salvaje Studio has been hard at work bringing more companions, new quests, areas, scenarios, cinematics, UI/UX improvements, and more to the Early Access Celtic Era of their time travel RPG, The Waylanders.  First launched in Steam Early Access this summer, The Waylanders has received weekly updates focused on adding content, adjusting gameplay based on community feedback, ...[Read More]

Lords and Ladies, Knights and Knaves! Time for a First Look at the Medieval Era of The Waylanders!

Press release Gato Salvaje Studio has shown the first look at the Medieval Era coming to their time travelling RPG,The Waylanders, in early 2021. First debuted at Gamescom by IGN, The Waylanders team has given fans a taste of locations, equipment, and other changes coming to the world. The story in The Waylanders begins in a Celtic Age of myth and magic, which Early Access play...[Read More]

The Waylanders Roadmap Shares Plans For Story, Companions, and More

Press release A Coruña, Spain – June 29, 2020 – After a successful launch on Steam Early Access,Gato Salvaje Studio has released a roadmap with details on updates coming to their Celtic RPG, The Waylanders. As shown in this new roadmap, The Waylanders team has committed to a biweekly cadence of content and gameplay improvement updates for the Early Access title. Of the revealed up...[Read More]

The Waylanders, Launched Into Steam Early Access

Press Release A Coruña, Spain – June 16, 2020 – Gato Salvaje Studio has launched their party-based RPG set in the Celtic age, The Waylanders, on Steam Early Access today. Priced at $34.99 USD, The Waylanders launches with a temporary discount of 10%. The Waylanders in Steam Early Access contains a portion of the Celtic Age of the game, with 10 to 12 hours of the planned 40-hour ad...[Read More]

New video shows The Waylanders character creator and gameplay

A Coruña, Spain – May 13, 2020 – Gato Salvaje has released a new video showing a selection of the character creator options coming in The Waylanders. With multiple races, classes, and backgrounds to choose from, The Waylanders offers a wide range of customization options. Coming to Steam Early Access this summer, The Waylanders begins in a myth-filled Celtic era of history and sets the...[Read More]

The Waylanders – Character Creator preview

The Waylanders is an exciting fantasy RPG inspired by classics such as Dragon Age: Origins and Baldur’s Gate.

The Waylanders Reveal a Stunning Cinematic Trailer at Gamescom 2019

A new trailer and some incredible new additions to the team highlight a big Gamescom presence for The Waylanders Cologne, Germany – August 22, 2019 — Fresh off their exclusive reveal on IGN Live at Gamescom 2019 and exactly one year after it was first announced, Gato Studio is sharing an absolutely stunning look into epic time-traveling RPG, The Waylanders with an all-new cinematic trailer. ...[Read More]

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