Steam Sale

All the Best Deals on Steam Summer Sale. -80% with 90+ ratings.

We have found all the games on the Steam Summer Sale 2020 with a minimum of -80% and 90+ positive ratings. This is the best deals of Steam Summer Sale, and there is a game for everyone to enjoy. If you like Free games, you can check out the FREE Pc games at the moment. All the games listed alphabetically: Agent A: A puzzle in disguise Sale: -80% | Rating: 90.64% A suave secret agent adventure game...[Read More]

Steam Summer Sale Starts Today! If statistics are right.

The next big Steam sale is just around the corner and we are all excited about what games will come up for sale. Have you got your wishlist in order and your steam wallet ready? I am ready to harvest games once again, but for me, the frenzy doesn’t start until the last day of the sale when the sale clock is ticking down. One thing I look forward to on each big Steam sale is the event. At the...[Read More]