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STARMANCER Brings Bustling Space Ports, Secret Labs and Space Cannibals to Early Access on 5 August

Ominux Games and Chucklefish today announced their space station sim title Starmancer will launch on Steam Early Access on 5 August.

Starmancer – Early Access Release Date Trailer

Obey protocol or go rogue as you take on the role of a powerful A.I. in Starmancer. Build bustling space ports, secret laboratories, and incubators for mysterious eggs. Defend against starvation, sabotage, and space zombies. Don’t worry, you can always grow more humans. Steam Early Access Coming August 5th. Wishlist now: Starmancer on Steam (

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Starmancer is a Dwarf Fortress inspired space station building game. After a catastrophe on Earth, humanity launches the Starmancer Initiative in a desperate attempt to seek refuge among the stars. Your task as a Starmancer is to construct and manage a colony capable of sustaining human life. Starmancer offers gameplay with consequences, a living sandbox environment, crafting, and managing the ...[Read More]