Size matters and big things are expected from Merge Games’ sandbox survival game, SMALLAND.

Merge Games’ SMALLAND has its latest trailer premiered at the Future Games Show yesterday with the new footage revealing even more stunning content. Spotlighting the game’s stunning environment, highlights include a magnificent city built in the bows of an old oak tree and a predatory lizard out for blood! 

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Smalland is a massive adventure on a tiny scale! Shrunk down to the size of a pebble, you find yourself in a vast, (and suddenly intimidating) wilderness. Before you can begin to try to figure out why this has happened, you’ll need to find food, water, and shelter – survival is no small feat down here! Steam:

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Smalland is a survival game on a much larger scale. You've been mysteriously shrunk to the size of a pebble and thrust into the great wilderness. Before you can begin to try and figure out why, you'll need to find food, water, and shelter - surviving is a whole new game down here. What a beautiful garden, the sunbeams dapple as they reflect off the pond, the grass sways gently, a few insects buzz...[Read More]

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