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Sarawak is a narrative adventure game that takes you from the dreaming spires of Oxford to the jungles of Borneo as you make interactive choices and solve puzzles in a story that blurs the boundaries between narrative games and conventional literature. Launching on Steam 28 January 2021; wishlist here: Sarawak på Steam (

Sarawak announce trailer

Announcing Sarawak, a literary mystery game set in Oxford and Borneo

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Sarawak is a literary mystery game set in Oxford and Borneo. Sarawak will appeal to players who enjoy the cosy pleasures of sinking into an old-fashioned mystery novel as well as the thrill of a classic puzzler game. Best described as a text-based narrative adventure, gameplay is split between interactive narrative choices and image-based puzzles. Sarawak's beautiful and interactive illustra...[Read More]