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Earn Bonuses and Rewards on Blood Money Contracts

Double XP on The Railroad, Dockside, and Bluewater Contracts in Red Dead Online Bandits and burglars are in luck this week: Blood Money Contracts are dishing out double XP to all, plus completing any Contract in full will result in an Offer for 30% off an Ability Card Upgrade within 72 hours. Odds are you might stumble upon more Capitale than usual, be it in chests or in the pockets of those fooli...[Read More]

Compete for Triple Rewards on All Land Races

2X GTA$ and RP on Business Battles and Special Cargo Sales, Free Clothing Unlocks, and More If you’re still in control, you’re simply not going fast enough. It’s one of the contradictions and dangers that lies at the heart of competitive racing. Luckily for you, the risk is rewarded in kind: all Rockstar Created Land Races are paying out 3X GTA$ and RP, all week long. Jump into a competitive Serie...[Read More]

Bring criminals to justice in Red Dead Online

Earn Rewards for Targets Dead or Alive, and Reap the Benefits of Bounty Hunter Bonuses This Week Local newspapers are swollen with reports of crimes and violence. Outlaws have run amok and it is up to you and the rest of the Red Dead Online community to bring them to justice. All Bounty Missions — including Legendary and Infamous targets — are dishing out double Role XP to those brave enough to gi...[Read More]

Introducing New GTA Online Stunt Races

Get Triple Rewards All Week Long, a GTA$100K Bonus for Completing Any New Stunt Race, and More Buckle up, strap in, and put your helmet on — there’s eight new Stunt Races making their way to GTA Online this week. Whether you prefer to be a part of a blur of tuned-up sports cars rocketing past on the freeway, motorbikes hurtling around the Palmer-Taylor Power Station at full tilt, or supercars push...[Read More]

New Horse Races Now Available in Red Dead Online Plus 3X RDO$ and XP Bonuses Across All Races Continue, and More

Ahead of the upcoming summer update, ask yourself if you possess the right combination of skill, finesse, and reckless abandon to risk life and limb in a mad and violent dash to the finish line. With new Races this week, Red Dead Online players will have plenty of opportunities to work their steeds to a full sprint against a field of worthy contenders.  Jump into this week’s featured Series to pla...[Read More]

Introducing CircoLoco Records, A New Record Label from Rockstar Games and CircoLoco

Introducing CircoLoco Records A New Record Label Created in Partnership with CircoLoco: First EP Coming June 4th Music has always been a fundamental part of Rockstar Games — from the championing of underground artists and scenes across our titles, to the meticulously curated radio stations of the Grand Theft Auto series and the introduction of fully-realized digital nightclubs in Grand Theft Auto ...[Read More]

Details on New Updates to GTA Online and Red Dead Online

A variety of new content is coming to both GTA Online and Red DeadOnline across the summer months, stacked with fan-requested additions to each game along with a host of new items and experiences, quality of life updates, and much more. In the next major update to GTA Online, players can expect a high-octane celebration of car culture, with new opportunities for ...[Read More]

Free Vehicle Giveaway: The Lampadati Tropos Rallye

All players who jump into GTA Online this week can expand their vehicle collection with a sports car, the Lampadati Tropos Rallye, simply by heading to Southern San Andreas Super Autos, while also channeling their inner Jock Cranley with his Gold, Silver, Pink and Black Suits, all free at log in.