Fantasy Town is Now Available on iOS and Android

Help rebuild the Kingdom of Arsendal through farming, exploring, and adventuring in this unique mobile farming sim! gamigo is announcing its new mobile farming simulation game – Fantasy Town – is now available on Android and iOS.  A Tale as Old as Time?  In Fantasy Town, players assume the role of the reluctant Lord of Arsendal as they not-so-secretly try to shirk their re...[Read More]

Fantasy Town Invites Mobile Players to Rule Their Own Kingdom on July 18

Inadvertently become the Lord of Arsendal in this unique mobile farming sim! gamigo is announcing its new mobile farming simulation game – Fantasy Town – will launch on iOS and Android on July 18, 2022. Fantasy Town stars players as the reluctant Lord of Arsendal who are trying their best to get away from being the town’s leader. Players are pulled into a wide variety of tasks that ...[Read More]

Teamfight Tactics heads to the Dragon Realms in its new set

Dragonlands will be available Public Beta Environment (PBE) on Tuesday, May 24 and will be released to all players in early June  Teamfight Tactics, one of the most innovative and most-played PvP strategy games in the world, is prepared to launch its latest set, Dragonlands on June 8. Dragonlands sends global players into a whimsical realm where they can build a team of dragons and master mag...[Read More]

Android Pre-Registration for Fantasy Town Begins Today

Android users can take their first step towards becoming the reluctant Lord of Arsendal in gamigo’s upcoming mobile farming sim with adventure and RPG elements! gamigo is pleased to announce pre-registration for its new mobile simulation farming game – Fantasy Town – is now available on Google Play and its official website. Players can pre-register to experience the g...[Read More]

New Runes and Keystones announced for Wild Rift in patch 3.2

Riot Games today revealed the new Runes and Keystones in League of Legends: Wild Rift.  Hello everyone! One of the most anticipated and requested updates has been for more runes and today we’re excited to talk about the new keystones and minor runes we released at the start of our Time & Tide update! We introduced two new keystones and six new minor runes, two&nbs...[Read More]

Riot Games reveals Wild Rift dev team discussion on Elemental Rift

Riot tonight released more info on League of Legends: Wild Rift Elemental Rift thoughts and findings. Please read below for more information! Hey again! Mike “RogueFool” Breese here to chat about the upcoming version of Elemental Rift in our Time & Tide update. I also wanted to touch on some of the findings and feedback we received from the two previous tests of Elemental Rift. As ...[Read More]

Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.2 revealed

Riot Games reveal League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.2 with major changes including adding Ekko, Nautilus and Pyke to the game while Elemental Rift will return for a limited time. The patch notes update also includes a huge number of changes to champions and gameplay which you can find on the patch notes below. Other changes also include leaver mitigation, new keystones and runes, new...[Read More]

Xsolla expands mobile and digital distribution solutions offerings and adds an NFT checkout to the growing set of tools and services and developers

Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, announced today that it has expanded their mobile and digital distribution solutions to provide more opportunities for developers to launch and grow their games around the world. In addition, Xsolla has added a new checkout feature to help developers scale their brands by selling and distributing NFTs.  “Xsolla is committed to providing best-in-cl...[Read More]

Fantasy Town Brings Grand Farming Adventure with Today’s Soft Launch

Users within Spain and the Nordics can begin harvesting happiness with friends in gamigo’s mobile sim! gamigo is pleased to announce its new mobile sim – Fantasy Town – has soft launched in Spain and the Nordic countries. Users across these regions can start enjoying the title’s vibrant mix of exploration, RPG, and adventure game mechanics while working to build their own thriving town. Produce an...[Read More]

The Bard’s Tale – Now in Your Pocket!

Grab your lute and your finest mug of ale: A brand new chapter of The Bard’s Tale series is coming to a mobile device near you. Wanderword, the leader in interactive audio entertainment, in conjunction with Xbox Game Studios’ inXile entertainment, are excited to bring a new addition to the award-winning The Bard’s Tale series to smartphones everywhere.  Following its initial release on smart ...[Read More]

Riot Games introduces new expansion for Legends of Runeterra: A Curious Journey

Ava’s journey has reached its thrilling conclusion, and she’s brought with her a few mementos from her adventure, including the final expansion of the Beyond the Bandlewood set – A Curious Journey! A Curious Journey contains 48 collectible cards, including four new champions – Gnar, Yuumi, Galio, and Udyr, and two new keywords – Attach & Formidable. Learn more about ever...[Read More]

TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set, Neon Nights, comes to PBE and will be live on February 16

TFT’s largest roster swap to date shines in the latest mid-set update TFT Gizmos & Gadgets’ Neon Nights mid-set update will feature more than 20 new units, three new champion traits, 80 new augments. It will also include a new pass, Little Legends, arenas and Project Abyssia as a new mythic Little Legend. On top of all of that, Silco from Arcane will be coming to add more than just his u...[Read More]

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