Celebrate Halloween with Cursed Mansion!

Be careful with trick-or-treating this year. You never know which door you may knock on. One thing is for sure… a knock on the Cursed Mansion’s door and it is you who will be tricked and mistreated. Cursed Mansion invites everyone to feel the Halloween spirit and sends some spooky wallpapers to keep you up at night. Early access to the game is available on Steam, so the community can provide ...[Read More]

Halloween Spectacle: gamigo games haunted by Skeletons, Pumpkins, Ghosts

Enter at your own risk: gamigo’s games are experiencing an influx of scary creatures and mysterious monsters. All the more reason to celebrate!  Out of nowhere and as a complete surprise to all players, the games of gamigo group once again experience an influx of creatures of horror as well as scary quests and adventures all around in the days leading up to October 31st. In Trove, the Moon Go...[Read More]