Fractured Sanity

Fractured Sanity, a thrilling horror VR adventure, is out on Steam and Oculus App Lab this month

An intense and fully interactive VR experience will be released on March 28th Brazilian studio, United Games, reveals the release date for their immersive VR game – Fractured Sanity. Designed to be a short but terrifying experience, the survival horror game will launch on Steam and Oculus App Lab this March 28th.  “When we started this project, we knew it couldn’t be just another jumpscare-i...[Read More]

Fractured Sanity – a heart-wrenching VR survival horror experience coming soon on Steam and Oculus App Lab

What would you do if you woke up in a psychiatric institution with sinister creatures chasing after you? Imagine you wake up in a cell in the Triton Institute, an experimental asylum led by Dr. Matthew Simmons. Lately the clinic has been surrounded by rumors of abuse and inhumane working conditions and it seems that most of the staff has gone missing. All you know is that Dr. Simmons has been cond...[Read More]