Fiesta Online’s largest ever expansion Realm of the Gods out now!

New realms, new quests, raised level cap and many more additions have arrived for the legendary Anime MMORPG. gamigo is proud to bring one of its longest running RPGs, Fiesta Online, to the next level. The newly released Realm of the Gods expansion provides players with a significant extension of the game world and adds many additional features and new content, available now. Realm of the Gods add...[Read More]

Fiesta Online announces major expansion Realm of the Gods

The famous Anime MMORPG is about to enter a new chapter filled with a plethora of fresh content to explore starting July 28th gamigo is excited to announce its latest expansion for the colourful RPG Fiesta Online. With the game being in its 13th year of operation, its world is ever growing and continuously receiving new content. The new Realm of the Gods expansion proves to be one of the largest a...[Read More]

Fiesta: A token for your sword

Press release Players of gamigo’s colorful online RPG Fiesta Online can look forward to a variety of exciting new content. A myriad of adventures awaits them in the fantastical world of Isya, together with a friendly community and thrilling daily challenges.  Thanks to Item Tokens, a newly added feature, this specific in game item now can be exchanged for cash shop currency. This can be achieved b...[Read More]