The futuristic adventure is finally here, FARSIDERS beta available now on Steam!

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the fantastical world of FARSIDERS. With a unique blend of immersive storytelling and captivating gameplay, join us on July 19th, 2023, as GambitGhost Studio releases the Beta version of this experience on Steam! Watch the latest trailer on YouTube: Participate in FARSIDERS BETA on Steam: https://bit.ly/3EFymT8  A Saga in Six Acts The game ...[Read More]

Cassie works her magic in the new FARSIDERS gameplay showcase

FARSIDERS Alpha 2 test has come and gone, leaving the folks at GambitGhost Studio buzzing with excitement as they continue crafting their upcoming game. But hold onto your hats, because they’ve just unleashed a brand new FARSIDERS gameplay showcase that will ignite your eagerness to play. The gameplay showcase of FARSIDERS takes a trip to the Spectra Lab and witnesses the fearless protagonis...[Read More]

FARSIDERS showcases its charming features and captivating gameplay

GambitGhost Studio is excited to reveal more information about FARSIDERS through the Alpha Game Preview! FARSIDERS Alpha preview gives an opportunity to have a look at cutting-edge creations and immersive gameplay that await in the realm of GambitGhost Studio’s latest masterpiece – FARSIDERS. Hold on tight as we take you on a journey through the charming features and fresh gameplay! In...[Read More]

Last chance to join FARSIDERS backers and grab exclusive rewards!

Highly successful FARSIDERS campaign accelerates towards the finish line Thai game development studio GambitGhost Studio is soon closing its successful Kickstarter campaign for FARSIDERS. But worry not, there are still three days left to support the campaign and grab some great unique rewards, such as your very own limited collection card! And as the last push, developers want to give backers a mo...[Read More]

Now is the time to join the success of FARSIDERS

Get the front row seat to see how old fantasy legends meet the cyberpunk future Thai game development studio GambitGhost Studio is celebrating the fact that its story-driven action role-playing game FARSIDERS reached its Kickstarter funding goal in less than a day. This versatile hack-and-slash adventure based on real world Arthurian legends is now reaching towards its stretch goals! To ...[Read More]

Old fantasy legends meet the cyberpunk future in action-adventure FARSIDERS

GambitGhost Studio, a game development studio filled with passionate and dedicated souls, announces that its upcoming debut title FARSIDERS is live on Kickstarter today. FARSIDERS is a real-time top-down hack-and-slash adventure game based on real world Arthurian legends. All the story-driven action is set in a stylized futuristic cyberpunk world abundant with technology and magic, where time trav...[Read More]

Story-driven cyberpunk hack-and-slash FARSIDERS kicks off its Kickstarter

Embark on a journey as Cassie to the past and present in a cyberpunk world full of magic and mysteries! GambitGhost Studio Co., Ltd. is thrilled to showcase FARSIDERS, a story-driven, action hack-and-slash game based on real world Arthurian legends. The game is set in a stylized futuristic cyberpunk world abundant with technology and magic, where time travel is one of the core elements of the stor...[Read More]