Global CBT Announced for Action Survival Game Dysterra

Kakao Games has announced the upcoming closed beta test of their online action survival game Dysterra, partnered with RealityMagiQ. The beta test will run from July 7 until July 20, with beta registration now open!

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New Survival Game Dysterra, Alpha Test Begins March 18

Kakao Games have announced this past week their partnership with Reality MagiQ on their upcoming online survival game on abandoned earth called Dysterra.

Dysterra Alpha Trailer

Kakao Games is teaming up with Reality MagiQ to bring Dysterra worldwide. A new alpha trailer was released today along with info on the upcoming alpha test. Read on here. Dysterra on Steam.

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Find a way to survive, mining the most evolved energy mineral Terrasite on the Earth where a big pillar of fire, Terrafire, is destroying everything. Discover raw materials and craft tools for your survival. The Earth’s fate is in your hands. The End of the Earth and Landmark You can extend or shorten the time to collapse the Earth. When it’s time, everything on the Earth will be destro...[Read More]