Dragon Emperors

Cursed Mansion horror RPG sets a perfect date for opening its spine-chilling doors

Classic horror RPG Cursed Mansion gets a Friday 13th release date and a brand new trailer! Developer Dragon Emperors and publisher Upoint Games have published a brand new Cursed Mansion trailer which reveals January’s perfect release date. Long awaited Cursed Mansion will open its doors, reveal demons wrapped puzzles and call for a wholehearted survival instinct on Friday 13th of Januar...[Read More]

Celebrate Halloween with Cursed Mansion!

Be careful with trick-or-treating this year. You never know which door you may knock on. One thing is for sure… a knock on the Cursed Mansion’s door and it is you who will be tricked and mistreated. Cursed Mansion invites everyone to feel the Halloween spirit and sends some spooky wallpapers to keep you up at night. Early access to the game is available on Steam, so the community can provide ...[Read More]

Would you dare to set foot in the Cursed Mansion and wake up the damned?

Upcoming classic horror RPG will take you on a scary journey as you have to get out of the Cursed Mansion! Something scary is coming up. Imagine you get locked in a huge house and have to figure out how to escape, because if you don’t – you will never, ever get out again. Something sinister happened here. But what? Danger and death lurks around every corner. The mansion is one big riddle and...[Read More]