Desperados III

Desperados III Desperados 3 Review

Desperados 3 is the prequel to a classic series of tactical stealth genre which thanks to Mimimi Games, has been successfully revived, and just like Shadow Tactics, Desperados 3 is an incredible game.

The Legendary Bandit Fortress is Back In Latest Desperados III DLC !

Press release The epic finale of the “Money for the Vultures” adventure has arrived – “Part 3:Once More With Feeling” will lead the gang back to “Eagles Nest” the legendary bandit fortress in the middle of the desert. Fans of the Desperados franchise will remember the iconic location from the previous games and can visit it now in its new glory. In this case, bigger I...[Read More]

Desperados III – Money for the Vultures Part 3 Trailer

Desperados III – Money for the Vultures Part 3: Once More With Feeling is OUT NOW. In the epic finale of the ‘Money for the Vultures’ adventure, the gang travels to the famous Desperados fan favorite location: The ‘Eagles Nest’ bandit fortress. To impress Rosie, Hector has hatched an incredible plan, crazy enough that it just might work. — Website: https://despe...[Read More]

Five Steps to Glory

Press release A brand new mission comes to Desperados III with the second DLC of the Desperados III Season Pass. The story continues in “Money for the Vultures Part II: Five Steps Ahead.” The gang returns to Louisiana to challenge a new member of the DeVitt family. Explore a brand new location in the Bayou State, reunite with Isabelle for more Voodoo shenanigans and face off against a ...[Read More]

New Desperados III DLC adds Full New Mission

Press release The first DLC of the Desperados III Season pass adds a full new mission to the game, “Money for the Vultures – Part 1.” This mission takes place well after the events of Desperados III, and brings Cooper and the gang back together to hunt down Vincent DeVitt’s hidden riches. Help them uncover a mysterious vault, avoid bloodthirsty looters, and find out if the ...[Read More]

Desperados 3 The Smallest Collectors Edition In the Whole Wild West

Press release THQ Nordic and Mimimi Games proudly present: The Smallest Collector’s Edition in the Whole Wild West. This strictly limited edition is not for sale and only a few have been produced. This special edition contains 6 unique miniature figurines, an itsy bitsy artbook, the official soundtrack on a teeny tiny USB-Stick in the shape of a bullet, a John-Cooper-Stamp, and a mini wanted...[Read More]

A Cat, a Chicken, a Dog and a Speedrun Contest

A Cat, a dog and a chicken walk into the town. In the end, Doc McCoy is free! It may sound like the beginning of an epic joke, but is indeed the description of one of the four new Baron's Challenges, added to Desperados III for free.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenges

The critically acclaimed Desperados III isn’t challenging enough for you yet? Well, Mimimi Games got you covered: In a free update on all platforms today, introducing the “Baron’s Challenge Mission Pack #1”, four brand new Baron’s Challenges are added. Flagstone, Mayor Higgin’s Estate, Eagle Falls, and the Casa DeVitt will each have one new special challenge for...[Read More]

The Baron’s Call: Free Update for Desperados III with new content released today

The critically acclaimed Desperados III isn't challenging enough for you yet? Well, Mimimi Games got you covered

Desperados III – Accolades Trailer

The Good, the Great and the Excellent! Two weeks ago, we released Desperados III for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – and there have been a lot of kind words from the community, content creators and press alike. A free demo is now available on Steam, and Xbox One. PS4 will follow soon. Get the demo on Steam: Get the demo on[Read More]

Desperados Pen & Paper RPG

Press release Vienna, Austria/ Munich, Germany, June 18th, 2020: The video game Desperados III has launched quite successfully on PC, Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4. Gaming Press and players alike have been very positive about the game – and today, we have a little something for all pen & paper gamers out there, who want to start a RPG adventure in the wild Wild West. Mimimi Games, THQ...[Read More]

Desperados III, The Best in the West

Press release Vienna, Austria/ Munich, Germany, June 16th, 2020: Desperados III is launching today on PC, Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4 – and the international press can’t stop singing it’s praises: With a strong score of 86 on Metacritic, Desperados III is one of the best rated real-time tactical games in years. But developer Mimimi Games won’t stop there, not only will they be releasin...[Read More]

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