Creepy Jar

Green Hell and Medieval Dynasty Join Forces for the Survival Instincts Bundle

Whether you’d like to conquer the claustrophobic depths of the Amazon rainforest or lead your people to prosperity in the bleakness of the Middle Ages, the Survival Instincts Bundle, from Creepy Jar and Render Cube/Toplitz Productions, will ensure you save a few bucks while doing so. 

It’s Time to Survive — Green Hell Arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

It's been a long time coming! On the heels of over 2 million copies sold of the PC version of the game, Creepy Jar is beyond happy to announce the launch of their hyper-realistic and critically-acclaimed survival title, Green Hell, on Xbox One and PlayStation 4! The console version is available on digital retail stores for $24.99/€24.99 and contains all the content included in the PC version - inc...[Read More]