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Creaks – Launch Trailer

A game inspired by the topics of ambiguity and pareidolia – the psychological phenomenon of “seeing things” – Creaks aims to surprise players with its diverse surreal environments, hand-drawn, hand-painted, and carefully animated, as well as refined puzzles. The visual art goes hand-in-hand with music from Brighton-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Acheson, aka Hidden Orches...[Read More]

Creaks Teaser Trailer

For the first time, Amanita Design departs from their usual style of point-and-click gameplay and uses a more streamlined control scheme. Players will guide the hero directly using a directional pad or a thumbstick to descend deeper down the eerie house and interact with its many levers, pressure plates, bridges, and light switches. Creaks is coming to Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nin...[Read More]

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Creaks takes you on a visit to a mysterious towering mansion, inhabited by eccentric avian folk and strange creatures, which may or may not be as dangerous as they seem. In their animated form, these monsters called creaks are deadly enemies you should always keep your distance from. However, as soon as you manage to trap them under a beam of light, they transform into harmless furniture that migh...[Read More]