Couch in the Woods

A retro sci-fi action game GRAVIATORS is out on Steam

Indie developer Couch in the Woods is happy to release their retro sci-fi action game GRAVIATORS on Steam.  GRAVIATORS is an easy to learn and easy to master, team arena sports game, set in space. If you’re looking for a casual friendly esports title, you don’t have to search any further as GRAVIATORS will satisfy your competitive urge. GRAVIATORS offers you a cosmic playground where you comp...[Read More]

GRAVIATORS – Back to the couch to get some retro sci-fi action – soon on Steam!

German studio from the heart of black forest announces GRAVIATORS to be released on Steam in early 2023! German developers, Couch in the Woods Interactive, will soon bring the nostalgic flair of classic games back to the couch with its new team arena sports game in space – GRAVIATORS! The game that was literally developed on the couch in the deep German woods will be released at the beginnin...[Read More]