Blackstaff Games

Quirky City Management/Puzzle Game ‘Buildings Have Feelings Too!’ Arrives on PC and Consoles this April 22nd

Think you know city-management games? Think again! Merge Games, alongside indie developer Blackstaff Games, are proud to announce Buildings Have Feelings Too! will finally arrive on April 22, 2021. Originally announced in 2018, the Blackstaff team took the time to build the game right — from the foundation to the rooftop — and they’re excited to finally bring the quirky city-management / puzzle g...[Read More]

Buildings Have Feelings Too!

Imagine a city where buildings can walk and talk to one another. Each one has its own aspirations, hopes, and fears. Most of the time they are just trying to get along with each other and make it through the day. Buildings Have Feelings Too! is a city management game with character. Players must grow their city whilst making sure the individual buildings thrive or risk them being demolished foreve...[Read More]