Beautiful Desolation

See What’s Inside This Beating African Heart | BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION Highlights Behind-the-Scene Assets and Announces Free Extras for the Game

Publisher Untold Tales and developer The Brotherhood have confirmed that all PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the upcoming sci-fi adventure game BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will come a with a free 80+ page digital artbook plus the full soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, most notable for his works on DOOM, Prey and Wolfenstein.

Beautiful Desolation – Beautiful Desolation Review

By UnidesTristan     Beautiful Desolation is an adventure point and click game by The Brotherhood released on 2/26/2020. This game instantly reminded me of Disco Elysium’s style, with deep conversations, investigative gameplay, and choices matter. After about 8 hours of playing, I have enjoyed my time in the game. Beautiful Desolation takes me back to my childhood. This is a good th...[Read More]

Beautiful DESOLATION – Gameplay

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION – A post-apocalyptic adventure game set in a world you have never seen before. Now on KICKSTARTER. Exclusive rewards. Click here:… and more details here:

Beautiful Desolation

Out 26 February 2020!

Beautiful Desolation

Mark, a man out of time, searches for his lost brother Don, in a far-flung futuristic era ruled by highly advanced technologies which are both revered and reviled. Your surroundings hold echoes of a desolate past, and glimpses of a dark future that has yet to be written by your actions. Be prepared to face many tough choices that will shape this land long after you complete your journey. The...[Read More]

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