Aura Kingdom

Dare to enter the Forgotten Caverns in Aura Kingdom

gamigo is asking the Envoys of anime MMO Aura Kingdom to be wary when they venture into the “Forgotten Caverns” in patch 86. They would be well advised to bring a companion along to watch their back. Plenty of adventures await players in the latest update for Aura Kingdom including: Anti-Epidemic Attack: Let’s make Azuria a healthy environment and prevent the invasion of the v...[Read More]

gamigo offers more ways for its community to raise donations for Ukraine 

More games are offering special charity items for sale with profits being donated to support Ukraine gamigo announces its continued support for children and families from Ukraine by making more unique in-game items available across more games. This means players can donate by buying items from even more gamigo published games. The following titles are also offering special items to suppo...[Read More]

Experience the past and change the future in ‘Whispering Abyss’ for Aura Kingdom

gamigo is asking heroes of anime MMO Aura Kingdom for help. A robot rebellion has hit the Starstruck plateau in North Midgard. The Security Advisor in Navea, Brinz, is looking for outsiders to complete the job and suppress the rebellion. Players will disguise themselves as dwarf soldiers to defeat the robots and their strongholds. Rebellion Storm Boxes will offer rich rewa...[Read More]

Celebrate #gamigoTwosDay on the most Two-filled Day This Year!

Players can look forward to extra special in-game deals, social media contests, and double the charity! On tomorrow’s once-in-a-lifetime date of 2/22/22, gamigo is excited to offer some once-in-a-lifetime discounts across several of its games, the chance to double players’ charity efforts, and a social media contest with prizes worth EUR 222!  For #gamigoTwosDay, players can take pa...[Read More]

gamigo celebrates Valentine’s Day with lots of love-filled in-game events!

Whether you’re looking for love or already have someone special in mind, join your favorite gamigo games for special in-game events, quests, and rewards Finding a player 2 can be a difficult task leaving many to feel it’s nearly impossible to find someone to wield the coveted second controller. gamigo knows this and is happy to put on its Cupid outfit to help its players find their one t...[Read More]

gamigo’s community plants more than 110,000 new trees through Eden Reforestation Projects

In just three months the cooperation grew to a new milestone, thanks to the generous support of playersgamigo is proud to announce that its community reached another milestone in getting trees planted through its permanent cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects.  In September 2021, gamigo announced that this partnership would be made permanent and that players could support the nat...[Read More]

Enter the ‘Valleys of Ice Hearts’ in Aura Kingdom

gamigo invites all players to travel to the Valleys of Ice Hearts, the latest update for Aura Kingdom. Venturing into the Valleys comes with a level cap increase, new maps, dungeons, events, and much more. Players can start the new year in Aura Kingdom with new challenges and an increased level cap – the maximum level is now Slv25 (125). Four new fame quests will be handed out by Mi...[Read More]

Aura Kingdom is Flying High with ‘Sky Riders’ Release

gamigo asks Aura Kingdom players to hold on tight because its latest patch – Sky Riders – is going to take them on a memorable flight filled with new Sky Tower floors, dungeons, events, and much more. Aura Kingdom’s Sky Riders patch takes off with players battling through five new Sky Tower floors (56-60), each featuring their own story, challenges, and rewards. Once players reach a cruising altit...[Read More]

Monsters, wolves, and pumpkins await players across many gamigo games this Halloween season

gamigoween is here and it’s up to players to survive our many tricks in order to earn their unique and fun treats! Fans of gamigo are in for a spectacularly spooky surprise this year! Several of the company’s popular titles are celebrating the most frightfully festive night of the year – Halloween – with plenty of tricks (in the form of in-game events) and treats (i.e., re...[Read More]

The Hauntings of Azuria corrupts Aura Kingdom with plenty of Halloween-themed content

As the temperature drops and night expands its reach over the land, the world of Aura Kingdom has become a bit spookier for the start of The Hauntings of Azuria. Monsters, wolves, and the undead have popped up and it’s up to the players to fight them off. Doing so will not only return peace to the land, but heroes will be handsomely rewarded for their valiant efforts.  But what’s this? A lett...[Read More]

Anime MMO Aura Kingdom, introduces New Class, Dungeons, Gaia Sanctuary Mode, and more

The Whipmaster is now available to whip monsters and challengers to submission gamigo is announcing one of its most popular MMOs, Aura Kingdom, has received a major update today. “Patch 80 – Whipmaster” introduces a new class, new dungeons, a new Gaia Sanctuary Mode, and tweaks to its “Divine Trial II” PvP mode. The Whipmaster is a brand-new character class that uses their whip to ward off e...[Read More]

Halloween Spectacle: gamigo games haunted by Skeletons, Pumpkins, Ghosts

Enter at your own risk: gamigo’s games are experiencing an influx of scary creatures and mysterious monsters. All the more reason to celebrate!  Out of nowhere and as a complete surprise to all players, the games of gamigo group once again experience an influx of creatures of horror as well as scary quests and adventures all around in the days leading up to October 31st. In Trove, the Moon Go...[Read More]

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