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Atlas Rogues: The New Freelancers are here!

gamigo’s challenging tactical game receives two new Freelancers and shared in this update! gamigo is thrilled to announce their latest update for Atlas Rogues, a new tactical rogue-lite experience for PC, currently in Early Access. It contains two new Freelancers, bug fixes and much more. On top of that, players can look forward to a new Skin System. Blackburn and Pup are newly available and...[Read More]

Atlas Rogues: January Balance Update out now!

Atlas Rogues: January Balance Update out now! The innovative tactical game, currently in Early Access, presents its first update of 2021, which includes a plethora of fixes and gameplay improvements.  gamigo’s continuation of the Atlas saga, Atlas Rogues, integrates multiple fixes in preparation of the upcoming content update in the near future. Atlas Rogues entered Early Access in ...[Read More]

Atlas Rogues Gamers Connect

In gamigo’s innovative tactical game, players can look forward to a unique rogue-lite experience against the backdrop of the dynamic Atlas universe

Press release gamigo’s continuation of the Atlas saga, Atlas Rogues, will launch in Early Access on Steam and Glyph on November 18! Players will be able to prove their tactical skills in thrilling, turn-based single-player or co-op matches and participate in challenging missions. To celebrate the launch, Atlas Rogues will be on sale until December 1 for $14.99, after whic...[Read More]

Atlas Rogues – Official Trailer

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Atlas Rogues! A unique Rogue-lite experience set in the dynamic Atlas universe awaits you in the novel turn-based tactical co-op. The game will be available for purchase on Steam and Glyph in 2021, with Early Access just around the corner, starting on November 18, 2020. Learn more:

Atlas Rogues

Time is ticking in the city of Atlas. It’s up to you to prevent the Reactor from melting down. Recruit your team from an ever-growing roster of fierce freelancers to recover the Reactor keys from the evil Trusts. Experience rogue-lite gameplay like never before as you complete dynamic missions and navigate deadly combat zones to kill the Necrolancers while evading their attacks. Fail to stop th...[Read More]

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