Cleanse the “Night Stalkers Hideout” in Fiesta Online

Once again, corruption takes its toll and players must free a new dungeon in Fiesta Online gamigo is happy to announce that the latest patch for its anime MMO Fiesta Online is available today. This update for the game will offer a new dungeon to free from Corruption for players lvl 135 to 140 and several new quests to complete with new monsters and new items. In the beginning, playe...[Read More]

Dare to enter the Forgotten Caverns in Aura Kingdom

gamigo is asking the Envoys of anime MMO Aura Kingdom to be wary when they venture into the “Forgotten Caverns” in patch 86. They would be well advised to bring a companion along to watch their back. Plenty of adventures await players in the latest update for Aura Kingdom including: Anti-Epidemic Attack: Let’s make Azuria a healthy environment and prevent the invasion of the v...[Read More]

Embark on an adventure in Raiders of the Lost Treasure in Grand Fantasia

gamigo invites all risk-loving Sprite Messengers to put on their adventure hat, grab their gear, and go on a treasure-hunting trip in Patch 38 “Raiders of the Lost Treasure” for Grand Fantasia. Evil is on the horizon now that the Carso Church is on the move again. It seems that they are gathering a large force to go somewhere. Messengers must help Shley, the demon hunter chosen by&n...[Read More]

Experience the past and change the future in ‘Whispering Abyss’ for Aura Kingdom

gamigo is asking heroes of anime MMO Aura Kingdom for help. A robot rebellion has hit the Starstruck plateau in North Midgard. The Security Advisor in Navea, Brinz, is looking for outsiders to complete the job and suppress the rebellion. Players will disguise themselves as dwarf soldiers to defeat the robots and their strongholds. Rebellion Storm Boxes will offer rich rewa...[Read More]

gamigo celebrates Valentine’s Day with lots of love-filled in-game events!

Whether you’re looking for love or already have someone special in mind, join your favorite gamigo games for special in-game events, quests, and rewards Finding a player 2 can be a difficult task leaving many to feel it’s nearly impossible to find someone to wield the coveted second controller. gamigo knows this and is happy to put on its Cupid outfit to help its players find their one t...[Read More]

Love Is All Around in Anime MMO Fiesta Online

It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Fiesta Online with special events, quests, and new itemsgamigo sends greetings to all lovers and soon-to-be lovers and invites them to the Valentine’s Day celebrations in its anime MMO Fiesta Online that begins today.  Lovers who aspire to marry their partner in a special Valentine Wedding ceremony during this event should kee...[Read More]