An everyday Story

The long-awaited An Everyday Story Demo is live now

Yesterday, Cactus Production launched their new demo for An Everyday Story during this week’s Steam Next Fest. This is the studio’s first game, and with the new demo being out they’ve passed another milestone on their journey of developing An Everyday Story. “Since An Everyday Story was our first game we initially struggled during the early development phase”, said Alessio Oliva, Narra...[Read More]

Steam Next Fest Demo for An Everyday Story announced

Cactus Production is excited to reveal the brand new An Everyday Story demo for the Steam Next Fest. The demo will go live during the Steam Next Fest starting on June 19. An Everyday Story is a 2.5D Horizontal Story-Driven Platformer about a man who goes through his life memories. You will revisit the man’s experiences from the perspective of three little trinkets he kept dear; these memorie...[Read More]