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11 bit studios Sci-fi Double Feature – A Fresh Look at The Invincible and a New Tease for The Alters

11 bit studios continues on its quest to provide meaningful entertainment as it looks forward to the release of two highly-anticipated science fiction games. Both titles—The Invincible, a story-driven adventure by Starward Industries, and The Alters, developed by an in-house team—aim to provide players with the thoughtful and in-depth gameplay and narrative that 11 bit studios have become affectio...[Read More]

11 bit studios is teasing something big… can you guess what it is?

The wasteland covered by snow's quilt seems quiet, calm, asleep as if the wind was its lullaby.

Acclaimed City-Builder Frostpunk Celebrates 3 Million Copies Sold in 3 Years

The hard-working team at 11 bit studios is celebrating good things that come in threes as Frostpunk approaches its 3rd anniversary while simultaneously reaching the incredible milestone of 3 million copies sold. The popular city-building survival sim’s apocalyptic weather froze the world to the bone when it landed on PC in 2018 and consoles in 2019.

Gather round, travellers weary, Rest warmly beside our fireplace, These are tales to make you cheery, Hear their restful, soothing grace.

Family Trials - a new free game mode for action-RPG Children of Morta - is just around the corner. Publisher 11 bit studios and developer Dead Mage are thrilled to shed more light on this new content and share a unique surprise prepared alongside Children of Morta’s beloved narrator, Ed Kelly.

The Endless Winter of Frostpunk Finally Makes Its Way to macOS

Frostpunk, the popular society survival, city-building sim from 11 bit studiosis releasing today for the macOS and is available on both the Mac App Store and Steam. This much-anticipated macOS version of the game will also be available as Frostpunk: Complete Edition, which will include three expansions.