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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005) review by Grandpa

Score 10/10


Star Wars. Who hasn’t heard of it by now? Surely everybody knows of Star Wars or at least has heard of the movies. This franchise has made quite a name for itself in recent history; with hundreds of stories told in various media sources such as movies, comics, and video games, it’s no wonder such a franchise became so huge. Out of the many video games that take part in this franchise, one stands out to me personally: Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005). This game has become a huge fan favorite among those who enjoy Star Wars, including myself. But why? Why is this game so loved and adored by Star Wars fans? What makes this a gem of early games that still plays well when compared to today’s standards? Well, I can tell you why this game is so loved by its fans and will always be remembered by those who played it.


The first time I ever played this game was around the time it first released in 2005. I remember getting it on my Xbox and even eventually getting it for my PSP (PlayStation Portable) because I wanted to play it on the go. When I played the story for the first time, I didn’t really care about the events and just wanted to get into battle because young boys love doing that in video games. As I got older however, I started to pay attention to the story and the gameplay elements that were far superior than anything at the time and how advanced this game actually was. Let me begin with the story; you start off as a member of the 501st Legion in the first battle they fight in: Battle of Geonosis, the same battle seen in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones! You are just a soldier with no given name; just another clone seen in the movies. As your character goes along in the story, you start seeing more and more battles that seem familiar to the ones seen in the movie. It makes you feel like part of the action, as if you were a soldier in the famous battles.

This is all done without knowing who your character is; you’re just a soldier fighting another battle. This is done with every mission having an intro and outro audio log that details how the unit as a whole felt about their given situation thus giving more perspective to the Clone Wars era. What’s even crazier about the story is that eventually you become part of the Galactic Empire, meaning you don’t become the good guy from the film’s perspective. Even then, you are still just a soldier following orders, and this causes a sympathetic view for the soon-to-be Stormtroopers. You just witnessed an entire regiment of soldiers going from the heroes of the galaxy to the ones who brought it to its knees all because they were following orders. This was very different from most methods of storytelling and it was an effective method indeed. It left the players with a sense of what it’s like to be a soldier following orders and how it felt for the 501st along the way from heroes to villains.


For those who are uninterested in the story and just want to see the game for its gameplay, Battlefront II has a lot to offer. First off, you get to play as a variety of classes such as the standard trooper. Maybe you’d rather use some big guns to take out tanks? Perhaps you like short range and helping your team by giving health/ammo and fixing vehicles? Even with these standard playstyles, all factions have unique classes. For example; the clone commander class is unique to the Republic which includes a mounted mini-gun, a recon droid, and the ability known as rally, which increases your nearby allies’ defense. There is also the Bothan spy for the Rebel Alliance, which uses a lethal incinerator for close range and has the ability to go invisible to avoid detection. This makes play styles from different factions balanced yet unique due to each class having a weakness. Troopers in battle are still just very basic riflemen who can be killed off relatively easy if alone. If you’re planning to carry a rocket launcher, at least be proficient with your pistol, or else you’re an easy target for anyone. Engineers can also be taken down from far distances due to their shotgun not having much range.

This balance makes teamwork important on the field, as it can mean winning or losing if the team does not function. Classes aren’t the only thing this game has, silly. This game includes a variety of vehicles and heroes from respective eras. As you may have already noticed, each vehicle and hero have different uses/abilities to make them stand out from the rest. Darth Vader may be a good tank, but he isn’t exactly the fastest moving person in battle (unless using the stamina sprint). Meanwhile Yoda is small and likes to jump around a lot which makes him harder to shoot. As for vehicles, you may see the infamous AT-AT that is slow and incredibly strong which is meant to serve as a checkpoint for the empire and to mow down groups of enemies in the open. However, the small T-47 Airspeeder is meant to take down the AT-AT and may be used to carry soldiers one by one to distant places. Speaking of vehicles, it’s not Star Wars without space battles!

That’s right, space battles. This is what made this game famous. But why? What makes space battles so special? It’s because there are so many ways to win in space battles. Maybe you like flying in space as a solo pilot and killing your enemies one by one in dogfights. Perhaps you want to put the bomber to use and blow up the enemy ship from the outside by destroying key structural parts. Maybe you just want to pile into the cruiser and fly into the heart of your enemy’s ship and sabotage everything from the inside and gun down troopers. Imagine, all of this but at the scale of an entire battle with around 32 people on each side! That is how this game plays. Every scenario is a huge battle that includes variety from each side. What is even crazier about this game is galactic conquest! Yes, THE galactic conquest. You can play as any of the four factions and battle for control of the galaxy, siding with either democracy or the iron fist. But wait, are you getting bored of the same four factions? My answer to you is mods.


Whether you want your game to look more like 2018 or if you just want to goof around, mods are always available to spice things up. There are so many mods available for this game that is it amazing how much more content can be given just from the fans themselves. Some include entire galactic conquests themed in different Star Wars related eras, and each offer unique wonders of their own. I suggest checking out different mods once you get familiar enough with the vanilla content to get the most out of this beautiful game.


Even though this is a great game, there are still some flaws within it. When playing offline, it sometimes feels lonely and after playing for a while, some of the maps get boring. Graphics are obviously not to today’s standards, but mods can fix that. Gameplay sometimes feels basic if there aren’t others to play with online for more of the teamwork experience. Other than that, there isn’t much I have to say that is bad about this game. Overall, I will give this game a big 10/10, as it is a classic memory for me and my childhood. This game isn’t perfect, but so what? It is hard for me to deny that it is a not great game because of the simple truth that it is a great game. One that had a lasting impact on me that still lasts to this day. 10/10

-Fantastic story that makes you feel for the characters
-Wonderful gameplay with huge variety
-Tons of maps, factions, classes, heroes, and vehicles to explore
-Mods further expand the wealth of content
-Great experience online fighting with others to accomplish goals

-Playing offline can feel lonely after a while
-Repeating the same maps alone will get boring
-Graphics aren’t to today’s standards without mods

Written by Grandpa

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  • Fantastic story that makes you feel for the characters
  • Wonderful gameplay with huge variety
  • Tons of maps, factions, classes, heroes, and vehicles to explore
  • Mods further expand the wealth of content
  • Great experience online fighting with others to accomplish goals


  • Playing offline can feel lonely after a while
  • Repeating the same maps alone will get boring
  • Graphics aren’t to today’s standards without mods


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