Rough Justice: ’84

Rough Justice: ’84

Rough Justice: ’84
Rough Justice: ’84

Rough Justice: ’84 is a single-player, time management game, where you run a private security agency. Hire, manage, train, and deploy agents; dealing with fugitive recovery, repossession, and private investigative contracts.  As the owner of a private security contracting agency; attempt to bring some form of order to this ever-changing and evolving landscape. Behind the curtains of this struggle for justice, a much bigger story is playing out – a story involving a secret organization with grand ambitions, that has you in their crosshairs.


It’s 1984, everyone’s favorite year, and the port city of Seneca is experiencing a boom. But upstanding citizens aren’t the only Senecans benefiting from the city’s spoils. In its underbelly, Seneca’s criminals, and worse, are finding homes and lairs in all sectors of society. You are Jim Baylor; Seneca’s former top detective and law enforcement officer fallen from grace. A man falsely accused of crimes he never committed, stripped of rank, title and honor, and incarcerated with the very people he put away.

But you don’t stay locked up for long. You’re released from jail under questionable circumstances. You seek to clear your name, get the dirt on the people responsible for your demise, and discover the greater machinations at play. To that aim, and with the help of friends and former colleagues, you open and run a private security agency that hires, manages, trains, and deploys agents all across Seneca.

To root out the cancer gnawing the city you’ll have to use all the power and resources available to you from agents, modern surveillance technology, friends in high places, and trust built through your ever-growing network of sources. What better way to righteously clear your name, than by gathering Seneca’s best and brightest.


  • Chock-full of pop culture references, tickling your nostalgic dopamine receptors.
  • Original ’80s inspired Game Soundtrack by famed Hollywood composer Raouf Rectobiasi.
  • Fictitious quizzes: learn about how crime works in the world of Rough Justice.
  • Over 100 agents to choose from.
  • Over 10 different licenses to unlock per agent.
  • 18 skills to learn and upgrade per agent.
  • Over 1,000 NPCs, each with their own individual backgrounds.
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