February 2020


Dreams is a game designed to unleash players’ creativity, turning the PS4 into the Creative console. Dreams is a game designed to unleash players’ cre...[Read More]

Risen Kingdom

Risen Kingdom is a real-time strategy game with building and settlement management mechanics. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world years after ...[Read More]

Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing

Jump into a 900 horsepower Sprint Car for some Saturday night dirt racing action! Feel the rush as you slide through the turns to take the checkered f...[Read More]


The medieval town of Darksburg is plagued by hordes of zombies, and it is up to the few breathing locals remaining to do the dirty work. In this top-d...[Read More]

Luna The Shadow Dust

Behind the veil of reality, lies an enchanted world. When the world lost its balance, it fell upon a boy to take on an unexpected journey. Until the m...[Read More]

The Blind Prophet

Lead the apostle Bartholomeus through a comic book-style experience. The Blind Prophet offers a mature look at the Point 'n' Click genre. The gamep...[Read More]



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Beautiful Desolation

Mark, a man out of time, searches for his lost brother Don, in a far-flung futuristic era ruled by highly advanced technologies which are both revered...[Read More]

Broken Lines

Broken Lines is a war-game with a serious story, told from the perspective of the individual soldiers. A game for people who likes real-time tactics a...[Read More]



Out of Space

Out of Space is a cooperative multiplayer game about trying to live together in space. To live with your folks, or your boyfriend or your best friends...[Read More]


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A modern tycoon-style sim where you design, build, and manage every aspect of an airport. Build your terminal, hire your staff, choose airlines to wor...[Read More]


Build and grow a new settlement and explore the lands surrounding it in this Peaceful Action-Adventure & Town-Builder. Search the lush forests of ...[Read More]

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Defend the most dangerous and gorgeous (we say darngeous) dungeons as four plucky heroes with this unique combo of tower-defense gameplay, ability-bas...[Read More]