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Potentia is an action-adventure, single-player, post-apocalyptic themed TPS game for PC. It will be released on Steam on February 11, 2021. Next-gen console releases are also planned.

Players will take control of the main character Victor and experience his action-packed story in the Potentia universe.

The story starts with a strange event that wipes out most of the local population and no one knows the true extent of the damage. Authorities are no more, each and every single day becomes another struggle to survive. Victor fights against armed enemies to protect his loved ones. He also gets some help throughout his journey from an unexpected old friend. He then uncovers some hard to accept facts.

Stealth gameplay or full action is possible. Also, different kinds of weapons is at players’ disposal through the advancement of the story.

Gameplay The player controls the main character from over the shoulder camera perspective throughout the game. A pistol, a shotgun, an assault rifle, a bow, and a lever will be available through the advancement of the story. These weapons and takedown stealth kill mechanic will be at the player’s disposal during combats. Traversal mechanics consist of simple movement with sprint, crouching, and climbing. Potentia has also changing mechanics which means that for some particular levels, some mechanics are added and then removed while complying with the story surely. Pistol silencer, night goggles, or a fixed-wing drone are examples of these temporary mechanics.

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