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Gamers Connect

Where can I find gamers to play with?

Onono has several ways for you to find gamers.

In Gamers Connect in Onono, you can join any one of the pre-made Groups to search or ask for help.

In Steam, F&F has 1700+ members to ask for help.

Onono’s Discord has a talkative team of 550+ players you can get help from.

I can't find my game.

You can find your game by searching for your game in the search bar.
If the game doesn’t show up, let us know so we can add it.

Can I be a Group moderator?


  • Let us know why you want to be a group moderator
  • Tell us little about yourself
  • Must be 16 years or older

Email us at: contact@onono.no

Can I be a Forum moderator?


  • Let us know why you want to be a group moderator
  • Tell us little about yourself
  • Must be 16 years or older

Email us at: contact@onono.no

Is it safe to log in?

Onono uses OneAll to secure login.

OneAll is used by more than 300,000 websites worldwide.
For example, Microsoft, Red Bull, Pizza Hut, Samsung all use OneAll.

So your login details will be in good hands.


Can I show Twitch streams on my profile?


We are working on the implementation of connecting Onono with your Twitch stream for your profile.

Can I share videos and pictures?


You add new pictures and videos on your wall in your profile.
There is also the option to share slideshows, quotes, gifs, files, audio, and links.

Can I follow people?


You can follow people by clicking the follow button it the profile header in each profile.

This is useful if you want to see what your friends are up to or your favorite streamer, blogger, reviewer and so on.


Can I write for Onono?


Everyone is welcome to write for Onono.

What can I write for Onono?

You can write news articles, game reviews, software reviews, and hardware reviews.

Can I make money writing for Onono?


You will get a royalty on everything you write.

Nip’s Handy Tips

Rules for reviewing in Discord & Steam

Here are the guidelines and rules for reviewing


Rules for reviewing in Onono

-You need good writing skills.
-If you pick one of the free games developers have given us to review, you need to complete the review to be eligible to submit a different review.
-To be able to choose from the free keys, you need to have written at least one review.
-You can write unlimited reviews.
-Please tell us if you want your real name posted on the review. First, last, full name, or nickname.
-The game must be approved by the admins.

-The length of the review needs to be 800 words minimum and include a rating from 0-10. A rating below 5 is a not recommended game.
-Reviews of games with little to no content do not need to have the standard of a minimum of 800 words, but it must be cleared by one of the admins.
-The review cannot be copy/pasted or edited from other reviews.
-The review needs to have a beginning, middle, conclusion, and five pros & cons each.
-You should list five pros and five cons at the end.

-Once you get a review or video posted, you have given away the rights of the review to Onono, though your name may be attached!
-Onono has the right to edit or change the review or video anyway suitable to make it more readable and professional.
-Onono can distribute the reviews as we see fit. For example, it will likely be used for the F&F group’s Steam curator & in discussion in the Onono Discord server. And http://www.onono.no/
-Keep in mind that if the quality of the review is not up to Friend & Foe standards, we can choose to not use the review or video.

What do I get for a review?

For a review made in Onono.no, you will get a royalty of the review’s advert income generated for your review.  (when royalties are up)
If you are a yearly subscriber of Onono.no, you will get more royalty of the reviews advert income generated for your review. (when the feature is added)

For a review made in Onono discord, you will get 10usd in flowers which you can save up and buy a game in steam. See Onono discord rules.

Developers and Publishers

Can developers and publishers publish on Onono?


Both developers and publishers can post news, reviews, pictures, videoes and relevant content to their pages.

Does devs and pub get royalties?

Unfortunate not.

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