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We are a dedicated team that want gamers to connect. The backbone of Onono has always been to connect people and help people find the gamers they need, when they need them.

Onono also has great reviews written solely by our great members and readers. We continue our great work by adding new games and content to Onono each day.


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Meet The Team

About Us
Kris Kurz
Chief Executive Officer

Founder of F&F and Onono.
Been connecting gamers since 3rd Dec 2017.
Also a dedicated survivalist in games.

– Norway – ??


About Us
Editor in Chief

The most dedicated chief there is. Has been editing reviews for F&F and Onono since the early mornigs.

Is a fighter in the ring, loves to kick your ass in Soulcalibur VI and swing the sword in Nioh.

– Usa – ??


About Us
Communications Director

The inviting champion Bonedout. Has an unbeaten record in inviting gamers to Onono.

Loves to change it up. Plays a variety of games, can also be a great survivalist teacher. If you are new to survival games, @bonedout.

– Northern Ireland – ??


About Us
Game Media Specialist

Wulfson is the youngest and wildest staff of Onono. Loves survival games and equally loves to rage when killed by zombies.

He can’t wait to kick your ass in any survival game, the one and only PVPer.

– Romania – ??


About Us
Digital Gamer Specialist

The battle royale specialist. Plays Fortnite with one hand behind his back, and in his sleep.

Loves to update Onono with game news. And take pictures with a blitz.

– Wales – ??


About Us

The South European blood that will hunt you down and erase any trace of you in Hunt or any other shooter game.

Has been giving his love and dedication for F&F / Onono for years.

– Spain – ??


About Us
Team Asia

The magnificent Team Asia.