One Shell Straight to Hell

One Shell Straight to Hell


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One Shell Straight to Hell
One Shell Straight to Hell

One Shell Straight to Hell pits a heavily armed Padre Alexander against hordes of demons and the possessed in an isometric dungeon crawling, roguelite shooter with a pinch of base defense mechanics and a surly attitude.


  • A refreshing blend of gaming styles: dungeon-crawling shooter meets tower defense with strong rogue-lite replay-ability – it’s all about fast-paced action and challenging combinations of weaponry and enemies.
  • Engaging gameplay meets compelling storylines, The Padre’s bad attitude and comedic timing make him a memorable character for players to engage with.
  • The Voxel Art style of One Shell Straight to Hell pays tribute to an age of gaming creating a stylish re-imagining of the horror classics.
  • Base defense sessions. When not busy dungeon-crawling, Padre Alexander will have to defend the mansion from hordes of enemies building traps, global enchantments, and powerups.
  • Perplexing monsters- Ranging from the possessed kitchen drawer to drunken long-dead pirate captains and, I almost forgot, demons... a lot of demons.
  • Regular weapons using varieties of ammunition, holy weapons drawing on your faith, and unholy weapons craving for your blood.
  • Skill tree that makes you stronger and adds to the strategy.
  • Randomly generated ‘dungeon’ maps.
  • And more crazy absurd stuff!
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