Occupy Mars: The Game

Occupy Mars: The Game


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Occupy Mars: The Game
Occupy Mars: The Game

Build and upgrade your base, discover new amazing regions, conduct mining operations, retrieve water and generate oxygen, grow crops, fix broken parts, learn how to survive on Mars! Occupy Mars is a highly technical, open world, sandbox, hard SF game about Mars colonisation. Inspired by the most promising technologies and companies who work towards the goal of becoming a multi planet species.

Have you ever dreamt about visiting Mars? We always did! There are so many things to see and discover on the Red Planet, so many exciting technologies to be created, so many challenges to overcome! Humanity can do this and become a multi-planetary civilisation!

  • Build and upgrade your base
  • Fix broken parts using realistic electronic components and tools.
  • Explore different regions of Mars in search for valuable resources, discover mining sites and find the best place to build a city.
  • Experience open world, sandbox game with realistic day / night cycle and overcome real challenges that colonists have to face.
  • Learn to cope with “Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly”.
  • Upgrade your vehicles and equipment in your garage. Organise your workshop and modify your rover.
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