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Ever wandered what a cow-overlord would look like? Moo Lander is an action-adventure RPG with Metroidvania elements featuring an epic story about cows and milk. In the game the milk is the purest and most effective resource. You will unlock a unique arsenal of milk weaponry and defenses, while stranded on a dangerous alien world with your faithful ship AI. Together, you will have to fight and outsmart intelligent enemies, while uncovering the motivation for your character’s journey and the emotional story behind it. You will meet memorable characters and unearth ancient secrets while the story twists and turns at every corner. Then comes the most brutal aspect of our astonishing world – you will have to challenge our Mighty Cow bosses! Expect glorious action battles, while trying to find a way to defeat our lightning-fast lethal Cow AI. You will also be able to get together with your family and friends and have lots of fun with Moo Lander’s up to 4 people couch multiplayer. With vastly different modes to play, you will be able to face each other in a variety of ways. You can even take control of the Mighty Cows and experience an entirely new skill-set, then go up against the heroes of the story in order to protect your Milk! Moo Lander is coming to PCs and Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch) in Spring of 2022.

A story about the milk It is all about the milk! The purest and most powerful energy source, rivaled only by the brightest hyper-novae, the milk has been lost after The War with the Anunnaki! Without it, the civilization of the Landers is left on the brink of extinction – so you will have to take the only left interstellar spaceship on a mission to recover an ancient device. This device is believed to be able to produce infinite amounts of milk. Can you get the job done on time? The fate of the Landers is in your hands!

Alone in an alien world Moo Lander’s story explores the adventures of the last Hero of the Landers and his trusty AI – Hamilton! You can be a part of this adventure! Experience shocking revelations and discover the secrets of the Mighty Cows, explore the beautiful environments of the game – all handcrafted with passion and devotion, and listen to amazing music along the way. With branching dialog choices and optional action paths, you are in control of the fate of an entire civilization!

Tame the mighty cows As you progress through the game, over 20 different types of Mighty Cows will stand in your way. From the darkest dungeon to the steepest peak, these powerful bosses are everywhere and will threaten the mission. We have developed an advanced Cow AI and you will need to master your skills in order to match the cow’s superior intellect! Every single cow boss is cinematically crafted and has its unique attacks, abilities and strategies. A cosmic challenge awaits every single gamer who chooses to be the Hero of The Landers!

It’s an action RPG You will gain experience with every enemy defeated, become stronger and unlock new abilities. As you progress further, you’ll equip special arsenal and deploy different ship camouflage modules, tipping the scales of battles in your favor. Gather every last drop of the milk resource and use it for powerful upgrades! Managing this resource carefully is crucial to staying alive and being up to the challenge of Moo Lander!

Four-player couch multiplayer Our vastly different multiplayer modes offer numerous ways to play with dozens of different skills and terrains to explore. You will freeze and burn, spit and stab your way against friends as you take control of a Mighty cow. Master over 20 different species – each will different deadly and powerful attacks. You’ll be able to harness the milk weaponry and fight together with friends with an arsenal of over 15 different abilities against our fierce Cow AI. Then you can turn on each other in our deathmatch Arenas – carefully crafted for fast-paced PvP combats. The Arenas in all modes are not just visually different – each offers unique hazards and tactical opportunities. You will need to study the alien world of Moo Lander and learn to use it to your advantage. Once you figured it out, you can try facing off against our alien flora and fauna – try to survive the enemy waves long enough together with friends. But you should be careful, because all encounters are different - one can never be sure about the best strategy. After hours of brutal action, you can continue exploring the game by playing our signature Sport – the Galactic Moo-ball! Here you will have to master playing with dozens of different balls – each with its own characteristics. And then show off your skills on all sorts of terrains – boney doors, mazes, teleportation tubes – our multiplayer has it all!


  • Tame the Mighty Cows - Each one of those powerful bosses will pose a considerable threat and is a challenge worth remembering!
  • Upgrade your ship - Unlock a set of over 6 unique abilities and meaningful upgrades branching into two separate trees!
  • Fight a variety of enemies - Over 20 kinds of intelligent enemies are waiting for you to prevent you from fulfilling your goal. Each of them requires a different approach to deal with!
  • Engaging single-player campaign - Play through over 5-hour long emotional campaign full of memorable characters and plot twists!
  • Multiplayer - Experience the game with your friends in 4 player couch co-op!
  • 5 unique terrains - Discover beautiful hand-crafted, yet lethal landscapes.
  • Challenge yourself - Save your kind on one of 3 difficulty levels (with a little extra for all of you hardcore Milk Drinkers)
  • Interactive environment - Explore and interact with objects around you using your abilities in an unusual way!

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