Malmyr is a hybrid of city-building and automation games. In contrast to other well-known games of these genres, the player is not meant to build the biggest city or largest factory. Malmyr's gameplay is focused on logic and creativity to accomplish the game's challenges. Each of the 12 missions of Malmyr's storyline has their own look & feel and compel the player to learn something new. Especially the quite unique resource transport mechanics stand out.


  • A main campaign with a continuous story, consisting of 3 acts with 4 unique missions each. Will you find out what your destiny in the lands of Malmyr is?
  • A freeplay mode, where you progress through a increasingly difficult mission. You will unlock new buildings by finishing mission steps. In the end you will unlock a building unique to this mode and face a final task.
  • A sandbox mode, where you have all buildings available and start with copious amounts of resources.
  • About 50 buildings.
  • About 50 resources.
  • 12 Magical Runes and 3 special Runewords.
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