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Last Oasis Season 3 Available on PC and Xbox

Donkey Crew is excited to be kicking off Season 3 and releasing on Xbox exactly one year since they launched into Early Access! What up, xbobs they're apologizing in advance for if the pc players treat you like shit

Camelop Walker added to Last Oasis

Donkey Crew Introducing: The Camelop Walker, named after an extinct genus of camels, which acts as a pump to help with farming lava (and water!). It can hold enormous amounts of liquids but doesn’t have a good deck, so it cannot be spawned on. Pumping water is straightforward and relatively safe, but lava requires a smart approach a...[Read More]

Last Oasis Roadmap 2020

The road map of the Last Oasis is finally released by Donkey Crew. This is still not the definite list since the developer will change and things will be added as development progress. One of the new themes we are looking forward to is the Commerce Theme where players can trade. The second theme is the Ancient Theme where players can wand...[Read More]

Last Oasis Quality Guide with Tips & Tricks.

First off, Last Oasis has a great survival tutorial that will help you to overcome all the hurdles in the early start of the game. But as in any survival game its easy to get stuck when starting to do more advanced things, like in Last Oasis when trying to make quality equipment or walkers.This guide will help you with some tips & tri...[Read More]

Last Oasis new Volcanic biome.

Last Oasis is getting a new map in the near feature. The feature game show revealed today the Donkey Crews new map, the Volcanic biome for Last Oasis. With many new features such as flying enemies and deadly lava, be aware. There is a lot of new content with the new map such as efficient ways to mine obsidian and find rear loot in man-mad...[Read More]

Private servers are now live at Last Oasis

After a long wait, the Last Oasis private servers are up and running. The Developer of the game Donkey Crew had some big backend issues with the servers from day one, and they wanted to postpone the release of private servers until they had tested it out 100%. The wait is now over and Onono has got its own server to play on. More info at ...[Read More]

10 Best Survival Games at PC

If you are are a survival enthusiast you will love this list of Onono`s top 10 list of survival games. Myself is a huge fan of survival games, but I’m sad to say, I don’t like PVP as much. I hate losing my stuff and start to rebuild all over again. But what I like about the survival games is the building aspect, I can build fo...[Read More]


Thousands of years in the future, after a cataclysmic event has halted the Earth’s rotation and destroyed the moon, the planet is now split into two extreme and inhospitable environments. The side that faces the sun is an arid wasteland and the other has been thrown into eternal ice and darkness. The only habitable area is the Twilight zo...[Read More]

Best PC/Console Games 2020

The best Pc games of 2020 is a list made by Onono to make it easy to find some new awesome games to play. The list contains recently released and upcoming games of the first half-year of 2020. Please post your favorite survival games in the commentary field at the end of the article. Last Oasis Nomadic Survival MMO. Keep moving, the world...[Read More]

Last Oasis Nomadic Survival MMO

Last Oasis is a Nomadic Survival MMO. Earth has stopped rotating, and the last human survivors need to outrun the scorching sun in a massive Open World. The LoreAfter a cataclysmic event halted the Earth’s rotation, the planet was split into two extreme and deadly environments. Only a narrow band of space between the hot and cold halves o...[Read More]