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Last Oasis Game Server

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Last Oasis Private Servers

Welcome all Last Oasis fans.

We are currently running 11 servers to host 13 different Oases.

Hosted 99.9% Guaranteed uptime. Europe server.
Daily update and restart at 11 pm, CET.
Onono have made a server named | X10 | 9 PVE + 2 PVP
Please join us to have some fun in the Last Oasis universe.

Server name: | X10 | 9 PVE + 2 PVP

Help us maintain the servers by donating, donations are locked to server fees only:

Last Oasis Rules

  • Be to others the way you want others to be with you
  • Max clan limit, 8 people.
  • PVE servers are real PVE, You can not do damage to buildings, walkers or people.
  • Max 1 Proxy per clan.
  • Proxy will be deleted the 1st in each month on PVE maps.
  • All PVE maps with proxies will also deleted, the 1st in every month. This means that all your walkers will be moved to another oases lobby and all bases on the map will be deleted.

Walker damage on Pve maps:

  • Pve Ginnungagap
  • Pve Folkvang

Multipliers Experience 10
Foliage Respawn 10
Harvest Quantity 10

Please join us in Discord to play: