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Last Oasis
Last Oasis

Nomadic Survival MMO. Keep moving, the world is dying. Build walking mobile bases and travel to new lands. Create clans and fight for territory. Resources deplete fast, so take your sword and scavenge, pirate, and trade to stay alive.


After a cataclysmic event halted the Earth’s rotation, the planet was split into two extreme and deadly environments. Only a narrow band of space between the hot and cold halves of the planet has conditions that can support life. This band moves at the pace of the planet’s rotation around the Sun, and all life on Earth must migrate with it to survive. In order to keep moving, the remnants of humanity have built nomadic machines, and a walking city called Flotilla.

Every day, Flotilla transports more nomads into the passing oases, where warring clans fight tooth and nail for control of territory and valuable resources. Some nomads have carved out lucrative positions for themselves and even gained status with Flotilla; however most nomads are locked in a daily struggle for survival, forced to battle both nature and those around them. There will never be rest for the men who built the walkers; they can only move forward.

Feature List:

  • Third person PVP survival
  • Walker Vehicles, wooden machines for transport, harvest, combat and as a base
  • MMO, many servers linked together
  • World generated procedurally
  • Player-driven economy
  • Skillbased melee combat
  • Grappling hook centric movement
  • Nomadic world, players need to keep travelling
  • Solo & clan gameplay

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