An Urban Survival RPGCrafting, Exploring and Defending in a desolate metropolis haunted by the mysterious dreamers.Lead a team of 4 survivors through this urban desert of skyscrapers and high-rises, where the dimly lit streets are crowded with the mutated victims of an unstopable disease that forever trapped them in a dream.


  • Takin’ it to the Top: The city’s streets and lower floors are filled with dangerous infected Dreamers, and the only safe spots left are the top floors of towering skyscrapers. It’s also, conveniently, a great place to park a helicopter...if only it worked.
  • Risk it for the Biscuit: In order to survive, players will need supplies, including weapons, gear, and of course, food. Head down to the lower floors and risk the dangers to get the best equipment and ingredients — just watch out for Dreamers and remember, every night they climb higher and higher..
  • Four Characters, Four Playstyles: Players can choose from four different survivors, Jes, Ike, Ann, and Mo, each with their own unique abilities and backstory. Whether the plucky young Jes with her affinity for tech, or the mechanic Ike and his handy ability to repair machines, each character offers a different personality, a deep skill tree, and an individual approach to survival!
  • Procedurally Generated Vertical Chaos: Randomized level layouts encourage multiple playthroughs where each run is different than the last, sometimes you get lucky, other times you get caught by the Dreamers and it’s game over!
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