Gunslingers & Zombies

Gunslingers & Zombies

Gunslingers & Zombies
Gunslingers & Zombies

Wild West was well known for its revolver fights. All feared of unstoppable Gunslingers. Until a new threat has emerged... Zombies! Now Wild West has gone really wild!

Apparently this time there was nothing special in last night Whiskey. This time it's happening for real Welcome in Weird West where rules have changed. You have a choice, shoot or get eaten. Gunslingers and Zombies: "Go West", they said. "Adventure and easy money await", they said. Problem is the only green things that matter now are trying to eat us alive. A Great Adventure like hell! Zombie Apocalypse hell! Survive in the unique post-apocalypse scenario and help Gang of Gunslingers to not die like Greenhorns. Shoot first, ask questions later.


  • Tactical Turn-based combat - have time to aim, shoot and watch
  • Weird West World - lightweight post-apocalypse scenario. Lets yeeehaaw those zeds!
  • Zombie West World - explore the beautiful world of weird west, where nothing is "normal"
  • Engaging story - nothing will be revealed, find it and live it yourself
  • Zombie - variety of zombie, beware of Zombie Buffalo!
  • RPG elements - Special times need specialized people
  • Lockpicking - not all can be opened just like that


  • Guns - pistols, rifles, canons, knives and more
  • Scavenging - look for supplies, ammo, food, medicine
  • Zombie - Zombie zombie
  • Chapter One - The Great Journey begins!

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